Gummavitta is a collective of specialized designers with a global presence. We believe in a project-centric design approach focusing on context and reject a predefined signature style. We partner with our clients in the pursuit of meaningful architectural experiences. We create designs that promote the well-being of our environment and help communities thrive.

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Surabaya, Indonesia

We specialize in Architecture, Urban Design and Interiors, with a presence in 6 countries across 3 continents. We want to know you. What are your goals? We listen and strategize with you. Who do you want to be? 

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This site sits near the top of Algarve's highest mountain. The topography is very steep and challenging. We set the house in 3 levels: The top being the car arrival zone. The intermediate being the house and pool. The lower level being the detached studio and lower garden. Planters, rock gardens and retaining walls were some of the tools used to control the levels and obtain the great rewards of this site: the stunning long views to the Algarve sea shore. The Foia House is a place for contemplation, relaxation and connection.

Designed with a team @ Broadway Malyan, this is the winner of an international design competition. A terminal building for the world’s largest cruise ship: Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class. Competition by invite only, against some of the world’s leading architects. The ‘Crown of Miami’ became a new icon on the Miami waterfront. The concept was to “Bring back the romance” of travel and celebrate the magnificent scale of the ship. 

Ginkgo is located in a narrow strip of terrain, in a tourist area near a famous Portuguese beach. I took advantage of the site constraints and increased the open areas as much as possible. A Bridge building company produced the prefabricated structure. 3 volumes almost identical in area divide work, services and public space.

Designed with a team @ Asylum Singapore, Johnnie Walker House is a 4 stories whisky club located in the heart of historic Beijing. It was an existing, yet unfinished building that had to be remodelled to house this special function. Inside the building there are many different functions from a multimedia knowledge center, to private dining and a night club. 

Casa da Nogueira strikes a perfect balance between integration and comfort. The house is carefully set on the terraces to minimize land movements.

The design is then driven by the sun orientation and the stunning views to the East. Preserving the local trees allows the house to be shrouded by nature.

Designed with a team @ Hassell. This landscape masterplan development seeks to sensitively enhance the area as a new and unique recreation opportunity, promote appreciation of the area’s flora and fauna and provide complimentary nature recreational opportunities.


The current way of designing is causing harm. Using smart

and affordable solutions, it is possible to shape a

more sustainable world, if we work together.

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Saint Augustine

Crown of Miami, designed with Broadway Malyan

Miami, USA