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Hi, my name´s Miguel, and I am the creator and Principal Architect at Gummavitta. I am an architect, a lecturer and a project manager. I grew up loving to draw and developed an interest in art and architecture from an early age. The stunning space quality of the great cathedrals of Europe inspired me just as much as the eloquent styles of Frank Lloyd Wright and Tadao Ando. Music and cinema also evoked beautiful spaces in my mind developing my thirst for creative design.

My professional career as an architect and project manager, has developed across various sectors and geographies over the past eighteen years, allowing me to hone my creative design talents. I have successfully delivered award-winning projects such as the 57 Promenade in Jakarta, Citibank Headquarters in Manila, the Caracas Theatre in Portugal and the Crown of Miami for Royal Caribbean, the world’s largest cruise ship terminal. Working on such a diverse range of projects has instilled my spirit of ingenuity and the skills needed to ensure project success, from initial design conceptualization to the final monitoring of project implementation and construction.  

As a lecturer, the success of my students was my core motivation and priority. I cultivated an atmosphere that promoted experimentation and collaboration, empowering my students to ask questions and challenge preconceived notions about design and architecture. I am committed to remaining connected to academia as a lecturer and mentor for the rest of my career.

Over the past 18 years, my professional career has allowed me to work on world-class design projects providing me with valuable insight to the industry and catalyzing the inspiration behind the founding of my own company. In 2020, I incorporated Gummavitta, an agile design studio that engages clients with a sense of pure design passion. 

During my student exchange program at the IUAV Institute in Venice,
Italy, I designed a virtual city. In such a complex project everything
needed to be considered. From the Masterplan’s backbone to traffic
flow to the residential units. How streets and rooms relate to the
sun orientation and wind paths. Everything was inter-related. The
transportation network: what is the environmental impact? The
mix of uses: where are the public spaces and how to balance the
economics of construction. What simbols to use that evoque a sense
of spiritual connection and quality of life?
I was immersed in pure design.

It was an immensely enjoyable process: to plan systems and
languages of spaces and materials, evolving from a mental image in
my mind. Through the medium of drawings, I was able to effectively
create and illustrate a universe that other people could share. They
could imagine it, and in a virtual sense, “live” it. This city was called
Gummavitta: a mix of the italian words gamma meaning “range”
and vitta meaning “life”, with a little twist. That juxtaposition was the
essential combination of the design. I scored the highest mark in
class and never stopped thinking of that city, and adding spaces to it
in my mind. It is still fun.


Miguel Sousa


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