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A mixed-use 7HA masterplan in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia. The design aims to create a sustainable community where people can live, work and come together in wonderful gardens and retail spaces surrounded by nature. A 5 star hotel will
complete this 5 phase masterplan. All spaces are surrounded and connected by luscious gardens, providing residents with a heightened sense of quality of life. Pedestrian traffic is optimized by canopies and tree lines for a new and more organic lifestyle.

As part of the Tierra Masterplan, Block 2A (provisional name) is the first of a series of residential buildings designed in perfect harmony with the organic and permeable principles of the masterplan. 200 apartment units spread over 20 levels. Despite it’s central position, the building’s permeable ground level enables for easy pedestrian movements in all directions. Surrounded by the Tierra Gardens and the Boulevard avenue, this is a prime location for comfort, convenience and community engagement.

Our role:

Design by Miguel Sousa and Mauro Moro with Dito and Daniel Gutierrez

Image credits:

Miguel Sousa / Gummavitta

Sketches by Mauro Moro


Surabaya, Indonesia






Under development

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