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Alvor is one of Algarve's most quaint fishing villages, set on a hilltop with stunning ocean and river views. The character of these streets can only be truly understood when experienced. And it is that experience that we want to preserve when designing this low rise residential condominium.

Sat on the highest point of the village, the views are truly breathtaking. Our design was set on producing a language reminiscent of the proud heritage of Algarve's traditional architecture, infusing it with a contemporary flavor in the careful play of elements and material selection.


We placed equal importance in the relationships between internal spaces and the surroundings. In this approach we have increased the terraces and openings on the upper levels, where there views allow for a grand experience. Despite challenging conventional façade design rituals, this approach made perfect sense in customizing every units best interests with crafting a façade that's both unique and in context with the local heritage.

Our role:

Design by Miguel Sousa and Mauro Moro/ Gummavitta in partnership with Ana Cristina Rocha of Espaço Fictício

Image credits:

Miguel Sousa / Gummavitta

Sketches by Mauro Moro


Alvor, Portugal






Under development

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